Slider Windows St. Charles

A lot of homeowners are familiar with sliding doors. But did you know you could have slider windows too? Easy to clean and effortless to use, sliding windows are an excellent example of stylish convenience. By providing unobstructed views and maximum sunlight, they are also a perfect option for the energy-conscious decorator.

Easy Operation

The typical slider window features two sashes, one fixed and another that glides horizontally. Recently, many window companies have improved the design by making both sashes mobile. This way, you can slide both sashes across for optimal ventilation.

This window’s sliding action makes it incredibly easy to open and close. This is very beneficial if the window is installed in a place that is hard to reach, like above the kitchen sink. It is also a user-friendly and safe design for children to use.

Maximum Ventilation

Normal windows do not always give the kind of ventilation you need. This is because most either open a few inches or are obstructed by bars. With slider windows, especially those with double sliding mechanisms, you can increase the flow of fresh air effortlessly.

To further improve ventilation, you can complement the windows with sliding doors. This combination allows uninterrupted airflow, and can help you avoid expensive cooling costs.

All-Season Protection

As efficiently as slider window installations let cool air in, they can also stop warm air from floating out. By adding weather stripping, you can seal heat inside your home to keep warm in chilly weather. Weather stripping is relatively simple to add to your home. However, hiring an expert window installer can yield professional results.

Most window companies also offer energy-efficient glass installments to further reduce air leakage. Glass designs like Low-E are specially made to minimize the loss of heat, which subsequently helps you cut back on energy usage. Opt for designs with high Energy Star ratings to reduce your energy costs.

Convenient Care

If cleaning is not your favorite chore, slider windows will be heaven-sent. With double sliders, you can easily wash the interior and exterior of both windows from inside the home. Window manufacturers have added even more convenience by designing removable sashes.

Some designs are made to swing in slightly, giving you more access to all angles of the windows without having to remove them. However you prefer to clean, sliding windows make it simple and quick.

For modernly stylish windows that are easy to operate and maintain, try slider windows out for size.

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