Picture Windows St. Charles

time you need vinyl replacement windows, why not go for an option that can liven up your space and save you money too? Picture windows are revered for their stylish, eye-catching look. This design can give your home a breathtaking view while saving you energy at the same time.

Spectacular View

Very few replacement windows can provide the view that picture window designs can. Whether you prefer one large window or individual panes grouped together, you can bring a piece of the outdoors inside your home.

Having a house with an incredible view makes the space more inviting. This is good if you want to make your home more relaxing. Views are also very attractive to guests. Guests can be visiting friends and family members to potential property buyers.

Classic Style

One other reason why picture windows are a favorite is because of their classic style. Installing one is a great way to add effortless elegance to your lounge or dining room. The design also makes styling the rest of the room easier because it acts as a focal point and is, in many ways, a design element on its own.

Energy Saving

With the cost of energy on the rise, you may want to cut down on yours by choosing picture windows. Because the windows stay closed, cold air has no way in. Also, techniques like double-glazing can add an insulating layer to effectively keep air out and heat in.

To add even more warmth on chilly days, you can use light window treatment to let in more light. Natural sunlight can warm up your space during the day, and offer better interior lighting. Alternatively, you can have the window tainted to repel sunrays when it is hot.

Greater Durability

In earlier years, picture windows that featured one large window were popular. However, many homeowners realized that if the glass cracked or broke, the entire window would have to be replaced. Not only was this expensive but it was inconvenient too.

Since then, many have opted for designs with multiple frames. This way, if one glass pane shattered, it could be substituted without overhauling the whole window. Multiple-frame window installations also provide better versatility because they can consist of many shapes, colors and materials.

If you have always wanted to give your home that “wow” factor, adding picture windows is definitely one way to do it. These vinyl windows offer greater style, savings and sturdiness than any other design.

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