Hopper Windows St. Charles

A great option that is often overlooked by homeowners replacing windows are hopper windows. Opposite to traditional awning windows, this design hinges from the bottom and opens at the top. Ideal for small spaces, they can provide premium ventilation, modern style and convenience.

Save Space

Running out of space? Try installing hopper windows to make more room. Because they are small, they take up less space than normal windows. This gives you room to add other decorating items or create a cleaner, modern look.

Another reason why this design saves you space is because it can be installed at a higher position than conventional windows. Having one or two fitted in tight spaces like bathrooms and basements can enlarge the room instantly.

Boost Ventilation

If air circulation is a problem in your home, you can ask a professional window installer to add a hopper window. Because they open fully, more air can flow inwards. Hoppers can extend further than normal awning windows, making them the perfect solution for poorly-ventilated rooms.

They are ideal for basements that tend to be moist or damp as a result of water leakage problems. The design is also good for the bathroom because it allows steam and unpleasant odors to float out. Boosting ventilation can also benefit homeowners sensitive to air borne allergies.

Reduce Air Leakage

Air leakages are one of the primary reasons behind soaring energy bills. Normal windows can let warm air out, forcing your heating system to go into overdrive. The harder your air conditioning system has to work, the more likely energy consumption will increase.

With hopper windows, you can retain more hot air when they are closed tight. Because the sash closes securely when pressed against the frame, air is kept from escaping. This helps your system function more efficiently to cut heating costs.

Create a Modern Look

Opening from the top instead of the bottom gives hopper windows a modern edge. Because of their unusual design, you can use them as a style element. You can choose a wooden design to add warmth to the style theme or vinyl for something more contemporary.

When replacing windows, always keep durability and functionality in mind. It is advisable to go for stronger materials for better durability. Another factor to consider is the ease of use and if the window is practical for where you want it installed. Before installing hopper windows, ask an expert to help you pick an option suitable for your home.

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