Garden Windows St. Charles

With green living becoming widespread, installing garden windows is a natural transition for environment-conscious homeowners. A great place to grow a variety of small plants, these replacement windows offer plenty of warm sunshine, convenient space and breathtaking beauty.

Maximum Light Exposure

Because garden windows function the same as greenhouses do, they are designed to bring in maximum natural light. A typical design features the large, main window with smaller versions on both sides and another up top. This structure lets in light from many dimensions, giving plants the essentials to grow.

Although many garden windows do not open, some homeowners choose types that do. They then install a synthetic mesh screen to allow fresh air to flow while repelling insects at the same time. Screens are also useful for preventing leaves and debris from flying in.

Additional Space

Much like a bay window, a garden window features some extra shelf space to place plants in direct sunlight. The larger the window is, the more plants you can nurture from inside your home. The space is best suited for growing small plants, which can vary from herbs to flowers.

The window also pulls in the view of the outdoors, which is an effective technique decorators use to enlarge small spaces. Because this window installation projects outwards, it adds space without using up any.

Natural Beauty

The display of green plants and colorful flowers can brighten up the design of your home. When plants are placed against the backdrop of a scenic outdoors, it enhances the visual effect. With this attractive, useful structure in your kitchen or lounge, the value of your home will skyrocket.

Fresher Air

It is not uncommon for homeowners to request a window installation company to install awning, double hung or casement garden window. These window types are incredibly efficient at improving local ventilation. With fresher air in your home, you and your plants can breathe easy and enjoy cleaner surroundings.

The presence of plants in the home also helps freshen the air. Because plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and manufacture oxygen, your air will be much cleaner and healthier. Installing garden windows can be very advantageous for smokers and allergy-prone residents.

To add a splash of natural color and life in your home, find garden window companies to replace your windows. Whether you need to grow fragile plants indoors or simply want to add a beautiful view, garden windows can give sunshine, fresh air, beauty and so much more.

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