Awning Windows St. Charles

Need to replace your windows? Awning windows are an excellent option for property undergoing construction, or when you just need something new. Stylish and affordable, these add-ons can be the finishing touch your home needed. On top of being attractive, they provide better functionality, security and much-needed ventilation.

Improve Ventilation

The structure of awning windows has an advantage on conventional windows. Because they open from the bottom, air can enter more easily. Another benefit of this smart design is that there are no bars or rails to obstruct fresh air from coming in.

Improving the air circulation in your home creates a fresher, cleaner environment for you and your family. Better ventilation provides relief for those suffering from air-borne allergies. It also keeps the interior cooler during summers to reduce air conditioning costs.

Add Style

In addition to impressive ventilation, awning windows can also add a hint of style. From Pine to Fiberglass, there is a wide range of designs to select from. Ask an interior design expert to help you choose the frame that best compliments your home. You can also select a contrasting design to make your exterior stand out.

Enhance the View

Normal windows can block off a beautiful view with rails, bars and curtains. Awning options, on the other hand, enhances the view by removing these obstructions. Because they are clear and wide, they draw the eye to the center of the window where the view is.

You can add these replacement windows in rooms that have the best views. Many homeowners prefer to have them installed just above the kitchen sink, in bedrooms and next to the living room sliding door.

Increase Security

Many awning windows are designed to open a few inches. This can prevent curious thieves from breaking in. Whether the window is in your basement or top floor, the design makes it difficult for outsiders to enter or exit without shattering the glass.

The windows not only provide security from the outside, but from the inside too. Because they have latches that are easy to access, you can close the window quickly in the event of a threat.

Enjoy All-Weather Protection

Awning window frames are hinged at the top and open outwards from the bottom. This helps to keep rain water from entering the property. They also offer protection from strong winds that can blow dust in, adding to the cleanliness of your home.

Cut Heating/Cooling Costs

The temperature of your home’s interior is affected by how much sunlight enters the windows. The more natural light enters, the warmer the environment will be during the day. The more cold air enters, the cooler it will be.

With this in mind, you can use awning windows to control the interior temperature. Because they let in more light, they can lift the pressure off your heating system in winter. During warmer seasons, you can keep them open to cool your house at no cost.

Save Money

Depending on the style of window you choose, awning varieties can be more affordable than normal windows. This is a bonus when you’re building or renovating. Using them as replacement windows can help keep your construction costs low while adding style, security and functionality.

If you are selling your home, the windows can be a great selling point. The view they provide as well as added safety can increase the value of property.

Tips on Installing Awning Windows

If you are thinking about installing awning windows, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.


Before you install the windows, consider the location carefully. Basements are tricky places to install especially if the windows are too close to ground level. If it rains, water can bring with it a slurry of mud that can leak into your home.

With some properties, there may be an obstruction like a wall that hinders the window from opening properly. This is why you should check if there is enough space outside before proceeding with the window installation.

Foot Traffic

Another factor to consider is the foot traffic at your window. If the window is at a location where people are constantly walking back and forth outside, installation is not advisable. Foot traffic not only brings in dust but also unwanted noise.


The exterior of awning windows can only be washed from the outside, which makes cleaning a little more challenging. Although this is not much of a problem for many, it can be if the location is not suitable for the design.

Emergency Exit

Because these window replacements are not meant to open wide, using them as emergency exits can be challenging. Consider installing normal windows or sliding doors elsewhere in case of emergencies.

Having awning windows installed in your home is, for many reasons, a great investment. Whether you want to beef up security or add style, using them as replacement windows has plenty of benefits.

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