St. Charles Window and Door Replacement

St. Charles Window ReplacementOne of the most important things you can do for your home in St. Charles is window replacement. By purchasing new windows, you can cut down on your energy use. Would you believe you can cut your energy bill in half?

Up to 40% of the air in your home circulates through the windows. Your home would be much warmer in the winter with air-tight windows trapping the heat in, and much cooler in the summer, when you open those windows and let in the cool air. Consider replacing those old windows – you owe it to yourself.

With double and even triple glazing, you can save even more money these days.

Is the history of your home forcing you to question whether or not to replace those old windows? You’re not alone in those thoughts, but it might help you to understand that this is a common misconception. Today’s window designers can essentially duplicate your old windows down to the most minute details.

In fact, you have more control over your window design than you ever had before. This is the best time to start saving money and help keep the world you live in green.

Awning Windows

If you are trying to improve the style of your home, the ventilation, the view inside or outside of your home, the security, the weather protection, or save money, awning windows are what you need.

With awning windows, you see everything as it should be: unobstructed. They give you the perfect picture of the outdoors, with no rails, bars, or curtains, and come with a huge number of designs, from pine to fiberglass.

While awning windows are a terrific choice for your home, there is one thing to keep in mind. Awning windows need to be cleaned from the outside, so installing them where a lot of people walk by is not a good idea as they tend to get dirtier and need cleaned more often.

Double Hung Windows

St. Charles Window Replacement - Water LevelWith two sashes – one on top and the other on bottom – double hung windows are terrific ventilators. Because they come in many colors, shapes, and materials, they are also incredibly stylish.

Double hung windows are incredibly versatile, which is probably the most important aspect. They fit in any room and are very easy to open and close. They are also energy efficient, easy to clean, and make your home safer.

How is that possible, you ask?Double hung windows are like a piece of concrete between you and an intruder due to the option of double-glazing and the locks on them.

Bay Windows

What makes bay windows unique is the big center window surrounded by two smaller windows on either side. If your house seems small or cluttered, these windows will help to make it look bigger and less cluttered. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bay windows are a window into your home. They provide a special view and let in the sunshine.

Have you ever wanted a place to wind down, read a good book, relax, or work?  Bay windows help make that happen.  Some people even use these windows to show off unique items they’ve purchased to decorate or plants they are growing.

Special Shape Windows

If you’ve ever wanted to show just how different you are compared to others in the neighborhood, special shape windows are perfect for you. There are more options for shapes, sizes, and colors for these windows than you could conceivably count. Also, if you choose the stationary model, they are fantastically durable and will last a long time.

In addition, if saving energy, and with it money, is a concern for you, these windows can be double or triple-glazed.

One of the best appeals of the special shape windows is their ability to add resale value to your home. Having a unique looking house is many a house shopper’s dream, and that can be a real selling point.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are very often overlooked, which is a shame, because they are great space savers since they are small, and they open from the top and hinge from the bottom, so they can be opened fully, which provides wonderful ventilation. Air leakage is also not a problem because they seal up tight.

Hopper windows give your home a modern edge, so choose them if that is what you’re looking for.

Picture Windows

St. Charles Window Replacement - PuttySpectacular view? Check. Focal point of the house? Check. Practical? Check. Picture windows cannot be understated. It you are looking to make a splash in your home, get this window.

Picture windows aren’t just for looks, though. They are great at keeping air from entering and leaving the house, since they usually stay closed. Add double-glaze to the mix and you can save even more energy (money).

Still not convinced? Remember the days when breaking a window was the end of the world?  Not anymore. Picture windows have the option of being installed with a multi-frame design, and if a pane is shattered, it can be replaced without having to rework the whole window.

Also, if light is a problem in your home, either because it’s too bright or too dark, picture windows can be lightened or tinted.

Bow Windows

Bow windows can bring elegance to your home with their semicircular shape that is supported by four to six panels.Because they are insulated, they also add plenty of warmth.

Bow windows and bay windows are similar, but bow windows have curved angles. Due to the many angles of bow windows, light is let in abundantly.

If you have always wanted to open up a room, or at least create the illusion that the room is bigger, then bow windows are a great choice.  You can even grow plants in them.

Because of their low emissivity, bow windows force heat back into your home. They are also great in all kinds of weather because they expand and contract.

Round Top Windows

If style is your goal for a window, then round top windows are the perfect choice, because they complement almost any other window and are eye-catching.

Round top windows can be fitted with stained glass in addition to many other types of glass, which makes them very versatile. There are also nearly infinite shapes to choose from.

Great space savers and expanders, round top windows are usually placed above other windows, which mean they can go pretty much anywhere and make any room seem a little bit bigger in the process.

Because round top windows are almost always shut, they are terrific power savers.

Slider Windows

Slider windows usually have two sashes – one stays fixed and the other moves horizontally – but more manufacturers these days are making both sashes mobile.

Ventilation is a central feature of sliding windows, since they are so easy to operate and, when open, provide maximum airflow.

With the addition of weather stripping and Low-E glass designs, slider windows offer terrific weather protection. In addition, they can also cut energy costs.

Slider windows are also one of the easiest window types to clean from the inside of your home.

Casement Windows

St. Charles Window Replacement - FitterIf money is an issue, casement windows are the best choice. Selecting casement windows means you don’t have to compromise on style or quality. You get a big return from your investment due to the easy operation and maintenance of these windows.

Just like awning windows, casement windows are unobstructed, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way of your view. They also help to keep clutter to a minimum.

If you are worried about wear and tear and having to replace the windows again, you can rest easy because casement windows can be opened and closed religiously for many years before needing to be replaced, as they are stronger than most other window types.

Since casement windows can only be entered by breaking the glass, they are an excellent security measure, especially when fitted with double-glazed glass, which is very resistant to physical force.

If you are looking for good airflow in addition to a solid, airtight window, casement windows are a great choice.

Garden Windows

St. Charles Window Replacement - Sliding DoorsIf you’ve always wanted a virtual garden in your home, you couldn’t do better than a garden window. They are the best window for growing plants and letting in lots of sunshine.  Also, they provide an excellent view of the great outdoors that makes it feel like your room and the outside world are one.

Garden windows are the closest you can get to a greenhouse without actually building a greenhouse. They provide all the sunshine your little plants need to be beautiful and, in turn, make your home look beautiful.

You’ll be thankful you got a garden window when those little plants you are growing create that clean, fresh air in your home.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide many amenities these days. If you are looking for doors that glide easily and don’t wear down, are less bulky, create a magnificent view into the world outside, feature 2 and 4-point locks to keep your home secure, contain heat, are soundproof, and can manipulate light, then these doors are for you.

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St. Charles Window Replacement is a personable, friendly, honest craftsman. They balance quirkiness and professionalism which make it enjoyable to work with. This man will find the right piece for your needs. We needed glass panels replaced in our French doors and he spent the time to find antique glass from old windows that really made the door look amazing-he even thought about how the glass and light interact.

Look no further for your needs.